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The new evant Banyuwangi Etno Carnival


Spectacular and extraordinary event which was first implemented in Banyuwangi, which will feature original art Banyuwangi which mix with modern carnival costumes. BEC takes the art of dance like Gandrung, Padang Ulan and folklore Damar Ulan to be the theme of this event. BEC is an introduction to art and cultural event Banyuwangi onto the world stage. Merging classic style and modern theme is expected to invite more tourists will visit. The event will be held on 22 October 2011 in the city this Banyuwangi initiated by the Government in the area and using EO JFC has involved 350 participants with a budget of approximately 500 million.

Gandrung Dance

        The word "Gandrung" means "Charming" or Captivation". For hundred years so it was recorded that this place (Banyuwangi) always had a good crop.
        The farmer's idea of creting the dance was presented as a thanks giving to Dewi Sri, The Goddess of paddy. This was how the Gandrung Dance came into exist.
        This Classical Gandrung Dance now ally has become a welcoming dance to honour the guest, and it is usually performed at wedding party, at thanks giving event and at other traditional art performance.


The word of Damarwulan comes from the name of a character in this performance. The players comprises of 40-50 persons and divided into 4 groups. The Damarwulan Traditional Performance is similar with Janger from Bali. The difference is only in the language used in the dialogue. In the Janger Bali uses Balinese language, while Damarwulan Traditional Performance uses Javanese.

The story of Damarwulan is telling the era of Majapahit and Blambangan , which is well known with Banyuwangi now. The dialogue is in song style. The story management is done by a narrator which is called "Dalang" that function and position similar with Dalang in the performance of Wayang Orang that describes every scene before an event is going on. The stage performance is usually started at 09 PM and finished is 04  AM

Padang Ulan

The lyric of Padang Ulan song describes how beautiful the beach is, the sea was clean as a glass in full moon light. These are dances played by a man and a woman depicts the happiness of adolescence. The movement reflects to the meaning loving one other. The dancers have a little free movement and Expression, Cheerful and Dynamic.

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